Suet is the ultimate attraction for woodpeckers and many other wild birds. Quality suet is important as many brands sold on the market are inferior and unsuccessful. Our Canadian-made suet is filled with fresh ingredients like nuts and fruit to insects! An excellent compliment to a seed feeder. A Preferred Perch favourite product!

Single Suet Basket

  • Flip and Fill Suet Basket
  • Holds 1 standard suet cake or seed cake as well as fruit or nesting material
  • All metal design

    Saturn Suet Ball & Fruit Feeder

    • Saturn Single suet ball feeder
    • Can also be used to dispense orange halves for orioles or nesting material

      Upside-Down Cedar Suet Basket

      • Cedar Bottom Suet Feeder
      • Capacity 2 suet cakes

        Recycled Suet Basket

        • Recycled Milk Jug Suet Feeder
        • Capacity 2 suet cakes

          Robin Suet Basket

          • Ground feeder for American Robins
          • Great for early spring arrivals, overwintering robins or year round feeding

            Pole Mount Suet Basket

            • Pole Mount Suet Basket
            • Comes with a clip to attach it to any 1″ diameter pole and with screws to mount it on any wood birdfeeder, post, tree or flat surface
            • Holds 1 standard suet cake

              Log Suet Feeder

              • Canadian suet log
              • Four easy fill holes
              • Use squeeze suet for clean and easy filling

                Double Suet Basket

                • Double suet basket
                • Fits 2 suet cakes
                • Green in colour

                  Quad Suet Basket

                  • Awesome four cake suet basket
                  •  Excellent for large woodpeckers and lots of suet
                  • We use the thickest wire gauge on the market
                  • Small opening

                    Suet Ball Feeder

                    • Holds 3 suet balls
                    • All metal design
                    • Can be used for corn cobs or nesting material too!

                      Suet ‘n Seed Owl

                      Ideal for feeding (quality high kernel content) sunflower seeds or peanut halves. Holds 2 small-sized suet cakes (one Mill Creek). Whimsical owl design. All-over mesh offers plenty of feeding area.

                      Squirrel Buster Suet

                      First ever squirrel proof suet feeder. Holds 2 cakes. Weight adjustable. Grease free handing. Crumb port. Lifetime warranty. UV Stabilized.

                      No Chew Basket W/Tail Prop

                      Flip and Fill Suet Baskets. Holds 1 standard suet cake, fruit or nesting material. Tail prop added for easy perching and for larger woodpeckers (no wooden sides for squirrels to chew)

                      Add-a-Prop for Suet Cages

                      Wood Tail Prop. 5″ long x 4½” Wide. Helps prop up woodpeckers as they are feeding. (new design with screws) Made In Canada.

                      Coppertop Suet Feeder

                      Coppertop Single Suet Cage Feeder. Capacity 1 suet cake. Measures: 2¾” D x 6½” W x 6¼” H