Brushed Copper Mini Sunflower Screen Feeder

Made with a heavy-duty hanging cable and hook, you can hang the Woodlink Brushed Copper Sunflower Screen Bird Feeder anywhere in your yard to attract a host of colorful wild birds. This beautifully crafted bird feeder features a pointed copper top that keeps your seed dry and fresh as well as a rust-resistant base where birds can dine in comfort. The steel mesh used to construct this feeder enables you to check your seed levels at a glance, and the holes are perfectly sized so smaller birds can cling. This Woodlink bird feeder holds up to 3.75 pounds of sunflower seeds, and it is easy to fill by simply removing the copper cap.

Droll Yankees Green Peanut Feeder

Metal 13″ Green Peanut Feeder. Stainless steel mesh is correct size for shelled peanuts or peanut mixes for woodpeckers or black oil sunflower. 13″ length, 2.5″ diameter with 1 lb. capacity.

Mini Magnum Sunflower Mesh Feeder

Metal Mini Magnum Sunflower Screen Feeder. measures: 4.75″ Dia. x 11.75″ H

Large Plastic Magnum Sunflower

Large Plastic Magnum Sunflower Screen Feeder. measures: 8.5″ Dia. x 12.5″ H

Peanut Squirrel Buster

The NEW 1053 model will give your customers the freedom to experiment with other types of food beside seeds and peanuts to attract a wider variety of birds. The Nut Feeder with two interchangeable meshes accommodates all sorts of nuts, dried and fresh fruit and leaves no mess behind.

Metal Peanut & Sunflower Feeder

10″ all metal peanut feeder with tray. Woodpecker Friendly! Easy to fill and clean.

Screen Peanut & Sunflower Feeder

7″ caged Peanut Feeder Easy to remove bottom. All metal construction. Woodpecker Friendly!