These spectacular birds are a delight to see and are easier to attract than most might think! The trick is to offer the specialized feeders and foods they are looking for. See our excellent selection of feeders and visit us for all the info you need to attract these wonderful birds.

Glass Jelly Dish with Coil Hook

  • Glass dish jelly cup in orange with coil to fit 1″ poles
  • Use grape jelly or oranges to feed orioles

    Glass Jelly Dish with Hanger

    • Glass dish jelly cup in orange with wire hanger
    • Use grape jelly or oranges to feed orioles

      Going Green Oriole Jelly Feeder

      • Going Green Recycled Plastic Oriole Jelly Feeder
      •  2 jelly jars

        Going Green Oriole Jelly & Orange Feeder

        • Going Green Recycled Plastic Oriole Jelly  Feeder
        • Glass cup jelly
        • Two coated spikes for oranges

          Going Green Oriole Feeder for Oranges

          • A great and simple way to offer fruit to the birds!

            Brushed Copper Oriole Jelly & Orange Feeder

            • Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder
            • 2 glass jelly cups
            • Brushed copper spikes for oranges

              Woodlink Metal Jelly & Orange Feeder

              • Metal House Oriole Feeder
              • 1 glass jelly dish
              • 2 spikes for orange halves

                Black Metal Oriole Feeder

                • Black Metal hanging Oriole/Woodpecker Feeder
                • Holds 4 pieces of fruit or suet balls

                  Droll Yankees Fruit Feeder

                  • Fruit Feeder
                  • Simplicity of design
                  • Easy way to offer oranges
                  • Powder coated orange metal design
                  •  Easy to wash in dishwasher
                  • Strong rust resistant chain with hook
                  • Loops securely around branches

                  Metal Jelly & Mealworm Feeder

                  • Metal Jelly and Mealworm feeder for hanging
                  • Use grape jelly, mealworms or oranges to feed orioles and other great birds!

                    No Leak Oriole Feeder /Wasp Guards

                    • Hanging oriole feeder
                    • Built in wasp/bee guards, strong perches
                    • Ergonomic perches
                    • Clear reservoir
                    • At moat
                    • Bass hanger
                    • Pole mountable

                    Fliteline Oriole Feeder

                    • 3 Feeding Stations
                    • Bee/Wasp guards
                    • Pole mount or hang
                    • Large 30 oz. capacity
                    • Flat top for easy filling
                    • Large mouth snap apart base for easy cleaning

                      Orange Oriole Feeder

                      • Orange Oriole Feeder.
                      • 40 oz. capacity
                      • 3 feeding stations.
                      • Perches are removable
                      • 10½” diameter by 8″ tall
                      • Green base, orange perches and feeder

                      Classic Glass Oriole Feeder

                      Droll Yankees 16 oz. capacity. Built in wasp guard. Glass vessel helps keep nectar fresh and won’t yellow with age. Vessel unscrews from base for easy cleaning. Flush vessel top can sit flat on most hard surfaces which makes it easy to fill. Steel hanger is weather-resistant and rust-proof. UV-stabilized polycarbonate base won’t fade with age. Nectar recipe is engraved on the feeder. 9.2 x 9.2 x 9.5 in

                      Clementine Oriole Feeder

                      Feeds 2 orange halves, grape jelly, nectar or mealworms. Durable UV-resistant powder-coated steel. Simplistic design offers a clear view of orioles as they feed. Glass cup removes for cleaning. Attached hanging chain.

                      Glass Oriole Feeder

                      30 oz capacity. Wide mouth bottle opening. Easy to fill, easy to clean. Built-in ant moat. 4 feeding ports. Includes Jelly Cup and Orange Spike optional attachments. 2 per case

                      Droll Yankees Ant Moat-Orange

                      Ant Moat oriole can be used with hummingbird or oriole feeders. UV stabilized polycarbonate construction. Sturdy stainless steel hanging wire. Hangs above nectar feeders to protect from ants.

                      Wide Mouth Oriole Feeder

                      Wide-mouth reservoir and patented two-part base is easy to fill and clean. The durable polymer feeder features 10 feeding ports, 32 ounce nectar capacity, s-hook, and round perch design. Innovative sealing ring aids in leak prevention. Orange base attracts inquisitive orioles. Approx. size is 9.5″x21″x14″.