Peanuts in the shell are an absolute favourite for Blue jays. These feeders are designed to offer peanuts and accommodate the jays along with woodpeckers, nuthatches, and, chickadees.

In-Shell Peanut Wreath

  • Interesting wreath peanut in shell feeder
  •  Powder coated in dark green
  • Measures: 3″ wide x 9″ diameter

    Going Green In-Shell Peanut Feeder

    Large In-Shell Peanut Feeder

    • Large peanut in shell feeder
    • All steel design
    • Easy to fill large top opening
    • Large capacity
    • Measures: 12″ tall x 7″ diameter

      The Original In-Shell Peanut Feeder

      • Large peanut in shell feeder
      • Wood
      • Steel rods
      • 2 perches. 9½” x 5″
      • Made from second growth cedar

      Metal Squirrel Feeder “Squirrel Diner”

      • Squirrels open the roof to access food
      • Holds peanuts, corn or large seed perfect for squirrels
      • Durable chew resistant powder coated body
      • Removable easy to clean body
      • Hardware included for fast mounting to tree post or deck

        Going Green Peanut/Suet Feeder

        • Versatile Going Green® feeder will attract many peanut loving birds such as Bluejays,  Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Grosbeaks
        • removable screen bottom for easy cleaning,
        • constructed of long lasting recycled composite
        • Dimensions: 8″ D x 12″ W x 9″ H