We have so many options for hanging feeders like study Shepherds hooks, deck and fence mounting brackets, wall hooks, and our versatile pole systems. Pole systems allow you to custom design your feeding station to attract a wide variety of birds. We also have a large selection of skyhooks to make it easy to hang your feeder almost anywhere!

Single Shepherds Hook

  • 91″ Single Shepherds Hook
  •  Black in colour
  • Made of 1/2″ cold-rolled steel

Double Shepherds Hook

  • 91″ Double Shepherds Hook
  •  Black in colour
  • Made of 1/2″ cold-rolled steel

Single Hummingbird Shepherds Hook

  • Single powder coated Hummingbird Shepherds Hook
  • Stands 4′ tall

Standard 74″ Pole With 1″ Diameter

  • Standard powder coated black 74″ steel pole with 1″ diameter
  • Very versatile with lots of available add on components

20″ Pole Extension

  • 20″ Pole Extension.
  • Tubular black coated metal.
  • Fits FP series of 1″ diameter poles.
  • Actual extension is 18″

Garden Pole

  • The Garden Pole comes in three sections and when assembled, is 68″ tall
  • One section is pointed to drive into the ground and the other two pole parts engage in seconds
  • The engaging parts are keyed with a dimple in one and a groove in the other to reduce any motion caused by wind*
  • Galvanized, powder coated steel construction is rust-resistant

Woodlink 5 Position Screw in Wall Hook

Deck Rail Hanger 26″ Reach

  • This clamp-on deck hanger has a single swinging arm
  • The hanger is on the smaller side with a 20″ overall maximum height and a 23″ reach
  • 10 lb maximum weight
  • Erva deck hangers are made in the US

Single Arm

  • Clamp on Deck Hook
  • Wrought Iron made of 7/16″ square steel stock
  • Single arm fixed bracket
  •  Approx. size is 36-1/2″ tall, 13″ reach

Double Arm

  • Double arm fixed bracket
  • 36-1/2″ tall 13″ arm reach
  • Clamp mount

1″ Clamp on Pole

  • 20″ height
  • Accepts all Erva pole components

8″ Coil Hanger

  • Goes on with a twist. No tools required!
  • Fits 1″ diameter pole

4″, 6″ and 12″ Extension Hook

  • Heavy duty “S” hook made of 1/4″ steel wire
  • Green vinyl caps