Baffles are the perfect way to prevent squirrels from getting to your bird feeders. They are designed to mount on metal poles or 4×4 posts and shepherd hooks. The important thing is to make sure your pole is 10 feet away from anything the squirrel can jump from. We do have domes that can be used over hanging feeders but do require more specialized placement.

Black Metal Baffle

  • Measures:14″ Dia. x 5¼”H
  • Will fit both shepherds hooks and 1″ poles

4 x 4 Cone Baffle

  •  Wrap around and break apart squirrel baffle for 4 x 4 posts.
  • 22½” in diameter
  •  Tan in colour

Raccoon & Squirrel Baffle for 1″ Poles

  • Cylindrical Raccoon Baffle
  • For poles ½” to 1-5/8″ diameter
  •  28″ long. 8″ diameter