The Preferred Perch opened in November 1995. It began as a very specialized store dedicated strictly to the hobby of feeding wild birds. A wide variety of bird feeders, houses, and premium foods along with other specialty feeding accessories were carried. By the year 2000, many changes took place in respect to the products offered. The store branched out adding many nature related gift items catering to birders, gardeners, and cottagers. Since then, the store has continued to diversify and add many new items throughout the years, all offerings of, and related to nature.

The addition of rocks, crystals, fossils, and mineral specimens is one area that we are truly enjoying. Amazing specimens from around the world are brought in regularly for those who like to collect such and, for those who participate in the metaphysical world of healing crystals. Whatever your interest may be for rock collecting, seeing our vast collection of natural, polished, and even tumbled rocks is worth the trip.

The Preferred Perch is a proud, independent, Made In Manitoba business and provides locally made products along with Canadian and North American made items. We look forward to meeting you!