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These  Aspects seed tube feeders can be filled with a variety of seed types such as Sunflower, safflower and specialty seed blends. Quick-Clean Seed feeders are constructed of heavy-duty zinc die cast components,  UV stabilized polycarbonate tube, and stainless steel hardware.  These feeders are made to last a lifetime!

All Aspects feeders are also available in the following colours...








Aspects Small Seed Tube Feeder

Aspects Medium Seed Tube Feeder

  • 11" tall, excluding hanger
  • ¾ quart capacity
  • 2¾" diameter tube
  • Can be hung or                 pole mounted
  • 14" tall, excluding hanger
  • 1¼ quart capacity
  • 2¾" diameter tube
  • Can be hung or pole mounted
Aspects Quick Clean Base a Available on every seed tube, peanut, and nyjer feeder

Aspects BIG Tube Feeder

Aspects Large Seed Tube Feeder

18" tall, excluding hanger 3½ quart capacity 2¾" diameter tube Can be hung or pole mounted
  • 3 ½ quart capacity
  • 6 feeding ports
  •  Built in seed deflector in the base
  • The seed deflector in the base allows birds to remove every last seed
  • The metal cap lifts and pivots easily for filling and cleaning.
  • Can be hung or pole mounted
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